El Chavo del 8 | Marcha Turca - L. van Beethoven | 8D TV Shows Music. Use headphones.

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8D TV Shows Music. El Chavo del 8 main theme, Ludwig van Beethoven's Turkish march, played by a virtual piano. Originally written for orchestra, this version was arranged by Anton Rubinstein and further arranged by Sergei Rachmaninoff.

The Turkish March (Marcia alla turca) is a well-known classical march theme by Ludwig van Beethoven. It was written in the Turkish style popular in music of the time. The theme was first used in Beethoven's Six Variations on an Original Theme, Op. 76, of 1809. In 1811, Beethoven wrote an overture and incidental music to a play by August von Kotzebue called The Ruins of Athens (Op. 113), which premiered in Pest in 1812 and the turkish march was a part of it.

Franz Liszt wrote a version for piano and orchestra in 1837 entitled "Fantasie über Motiven aus Beethovens Ruinen von Athen" (S. 122). He also wrote a piano transcription in 1846, titled "Capriccio alla turca sur des motifs de Beethoven" (S. 388). Anton Rubinstein arranged a popular piano version of the march in B♭ major. Sergei Rachmaninoff further arranged Rubinstein's version, heard on piano roll (1928).

An electronic version known as The Elephant Never Forgets by electronic music pioneer Jean-Jacques Perrey was used as theme for the series El Chavo del Ocho broadcast on Mexican television in 1971.

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