P. Tchaikovsky - Chanson Triste (Sad Song). String Quartet | 8D Audio Classical Music Video. Use 🎧

Chanson Triste was composed by Peter Tchaikovsky in 1878 as the second one of the works contained in 12 Pieces Op. 40, originally written for piano. All pieces are:

1. Etude
2. Chanson Triste
3. Marche Funèbre
4. Mazurka
5. Mazurka
6. Chant Sans Paroles
7. Au Village
8. Valse
9. Valse
10. Danse Russe
11. Scherzo
12. Rêverie Interrompue

8D Audio Classical Music. Works are human edited note by note and 100% computer played with virtual instruments. After that, tracks are given independent movement to achieve the 8D effect and a responsive music visualizer is added for the final output.

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