J. S. Bach - Sinfonias (Three Part Inventions) Piano version | 8D Audio classical music video. Use 🎧

Sinfonias, also known as Three-Part Inventions, are a collection of 15 short keyboard compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach. Originally written as musical exercises for his students, they were probable finished in 1723.

Video timestamps:

00:11 Nº1 in C major
01:23 Nº2 in C minor
03:45 Nº3 in D major
04:51 Nº4 in D minor
06:40 Nº5 in E♭ major
08:47 Nº6 in E major
10:04 Nº7 in E minor
12:20 Nº8 in F major
13:19 Nº9 in F minor
15:43 Nº10 in G major
16:50 Nº11 in G minor
19:18 Nº12 in A major
20:36 Nº13 in A minor
21:40 Nº14 in B♭ major
22:47 Nº15 in B minor

8D Audio Classical Music. Works are human edited note by note and 100% computer played with virtual instruments. After that, tracks are given independent movement to achieve the 8D effect and a responsive music visualizer is added for the final output.

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